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- If you do not see a time slot that works for you, please contact us directly. Please allow 24-48 hours to respond. If Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, give till Monday to respond.  

- BRIDES: Please click the contract tab to download and fill out contract. 

- If you are wanting a photoshoot with Frank Carnaggio, please go directly to his site. 

- Reminder: Final price is to be decided at the appointment. Bill must be paid at appointment. Failure to pay bill appointment results in a 15% increase on bill per day missed. NO REFUNDS. 

- No trial runs or classes on Saturdays. They will not be approved.

 - Other artists and assistants may be at your appointment working on you to help Melissa. Please refer to the "Rules" tab to familiarize yourself of what is expected.

- Melissa's location varies day by day. Please reach out to her to find out where you appointment will be. Our locations can be found under the "Locations" tab.