Please note that these prices are ranges. That can be more or less depending on what you want during your appointment. 

Pageant Hair & Makeup: $100 - $150 

Formal Events [Prom, Homecoming, and Sadie Hawkins Hair & Makeup]: $65 - $100

Hair & Makeup Classes: $200 

Private Bookings: All day rate. Must contact Melissa directly for pricing. 


            - Bride Hair & Makeup: $155 and up 

            - Mother of the Bride or Groom Hair & Makeup: $80 and up

            - Bridesmaids Hair & Makeup: $80 and up

            - Flower Girl Hair & Makeup: $40 and up

Wedding Trial Run: $110 - $160

Wedding Rehearsal Glam: $75 - $150 


Note that these are rough estimates. Product fees, assistant fees, and travel fees may be required additional costs. Final price will be determined by Melissa. Price range varies based on pending look, style, whether extensions are needed, lashes, weight of hair, and more.